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How Can My Son Join Pack 420?

In September all Packs in the National Capital Area Council (NCAC) hold a “Join Scouting Night”.  All boys who will be in grades 1 through 5 at that time are welcome to join the Pack.  Each Pack is made up of Tiger Cubs (grade 1), Wolf Cubs (grade 2), Bear Cubs (grade 3) and Webelos (Grades 4 & 5).


What Does it Cost to Join the Pack?

After much consideration, the Pack Committee members and Leaders decided not to hold a funraiser to help offset the costs of awards, supplies, etc. this year.  It was decided that each boy would be charged what it actually costs the Pack for these items.  Below is the dues amount for FY 2000-2001 per boy.

Tiger Cubs:    $ 40.00
Cub Scouts:   $ 45.00 (this includes Wolves & Bears)
Webelos:       $ 61.00

The above dues amount covers BSA registration fees, awards, event patches and pinewood derby cars. IT DOES NOT COVER ANYTHING ELSE.   Donations will be sought for other Pack activities or we may hold small, targeted fundraisers i.e, bake sales to help offset those costs.


What About a Uniform?

Tiger Cubs may wear the official orange t-shirt or a generic orange t-shirt with the Tiger Cub hat.

Cub Scouts (Wolf and Bear) wear the official uniform blue shirt, Wolf or Bear neckerchief, slide, hat and the Cub Scout belt.

Webelos may wear the official blue uniform shirt or the official khaki uniform shire, the Webelos hat, neckerchief and slide and the belt to match the uniform.

All boys may wear either blue jeans or dark blue pants.  Webelos wearing the khaki uniform may wear blue jeans or olive pants. NO SWEATPANTS, RUNNING OUTFITS, ETC. PLEASE.


Except for the Tigers, all shirts should have the NCAC Council patch, Pack 420 numerals, WOSM Patch and Den Numeral.  Webelos dens may substitute the den numeral with a patrol patch.


This site was last updated on 14 August, 2001     2001 Cub Scout Pack 420, Leonardtown, Maryland
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